About Us

Read Vision, a contemporary digital platform for multiple expressions, comes as the continuity of a rich heritage of Cultural Revolution in Malayalam media history.

Read Vision is a diversified Malayalam literature web magazine.

With digital distractions taking the world by storm, there has been a lot of hue and cry over the soul-threatening death of reading. Social media and technology might have shifted the readers’ focus from the printed book to intangible digital bits, but only physical books are under threat. Reading will never die. It is just that digital is the new normal and Read Vision stresses on digital reading.

As part of embracing digital revolution, reading and information have transformed into another experience, just as media convergence inevitably occurred. Communication and content technologies blending together has resulted in reading becoming more accessible and popular. Only the form has changed, not the idea.  Native American tribal chief Seattle once rightly said, “There’s no death, only a change of worlds.”