Content Policy

Read Vision is a diversified Malayalam literature web magazine which focuses on multi cultural narrations. Read Vision utilise innumerable forms of media in audio, visual and text platforms. The content and policy mentioned herewith is a reflection of the ethics and values detemined by Read Vision. 

Read Vision encourages the content on any creative field, such as literature, culture, art, science, music, film, politics, philosophy, photography, etc.

Read Vision acts as an unbiased platform which also promotes ethical standard in its content. 

Read Vision reaches to the audeience with its inclusion on traditional art and form. We make it a point to uphold the traditional arts which is a signature of our culture.

The portal will uphold original and innovative expressions.

This online magazine cruise the readers into the indepth analysis of development communication, subaltern representation etc.

It does not promote ideas that incite communal hatred or are anti-national. Portal will oppose any kind of racism and the same are not entertained throughout the platform.

Tourism, industry, unorganized employment sectors – all these topics will be covered under the portal.

Coffee table book publishing, documentaries and cultural events are part of the company’s operations.

Content related to environment concerns will be highlighted. This portal gives envioronment journalism a frame work beyond enviornmental activism. Read Vision promotes the environment advocates who can trigger the content for sustainable development. 

Content that can benefit the education sector will be also be given prime importance in this platform. A coherent approach on the education content will enable the readers to be rational thinkers.